Hi! My name is Magdalena Litwinowicz and I am surface pattern designer.

It sounds like a terrible cliché, but I have been painting and drawing almost my entire life. Ever since I remember I have been fascinated by the world of colours and shapes. What to do, when it’s true?

Patterns fill my life and I see them everywhere. You don’t believe it? Just try yourself, look around and watch your surroundings for a while (caution! It is addictive!). I love the moment when my eyes are captured by some arrangement of objects and I think "wow it would look good as a pattern”.

My designs may be used on fabrics, wallpapers, mugs, bed linen and on many other things that can be covered with a print. If you need a pattern to be used on your product you are at the right place. Just contact me- and that’s it

I'm also an interior designer, who specializes in making 3d visualizations. While working on my interior projects, I noticed that pattern may be the essential part of the design. Wallpapers, carpets, ceramic tiles, fabrics, curtains... even a small element with some pattern on may affect the total look. It was then when I first thought that it would be great to combine these two passions of mine.

I am also a mother of two boys. We often draw and paint together using tons of papers, pencils, crayons, markers and whatever comes into our hands. I treasure these moments and hardly ever throw their pictures away. I put on the dates and keep them for the future. Who knows, maybe someday they allow me to use their art as a surface pattern.